• Sunrise Lake
  • Sunrise Lake
    Beautiful Sunrises and Sunsets are just two of many natural charms of Middleton.
  • Kings Highway Alpacas
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09Nov 2017

Middleton is searching for new Supervisors of the Checklist. Details are below.

Supervisors will need to maintain and update the voter files in the Town Clerk’s Office, attend periodic training sessions held in Concord, hold periodic mandatory supervisor sessions and post notices in advance, and educate voters about any changes to voting procedure or law. Must be comfortable with using a computer and working with people.

Email ssbk@middletonnh.gov if interested.

10Oct 2017

During the week of October 17 through October 20 and October 24 through October 27 there will be reclaiming and paving of roads in the Pinkham Road, Shore Drive, Auen way and Butler Way areas. Please expect delays.

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