Middleton, New Hampshire was incorporated in 1778 and is located at the northern most point of Strafford County and is nestled between New Durham and Milton. It consists of ten square miles of forest, farmland, ponds and a lake.

Middleton is a small rural, residential community with a population of approximately 1900 residents. There are only single family homes with many surrounding Sunrise Lake. The lake is approximately 300 acres and is about one mile long by half a mile wide with pristine water. It offers excellent opportunities for boating, fishing and swimming.

The State Highway, Route 153, runs along the east side of the Town intersects first with Route 125 in Union and then Route 16 in Wakefield.

The center of Middleton is known as Four Corners. It is located at the intersection of Kings Highway, Ridge Road and New Durham Road. Kings Highway also leads to Wolfeboro. At the Four Corners is Middleton’s Old Town Hall which was originally built in 1795 as a meeting house on Ridge Road. It was moved to its present location in 1812, jacked up and the Town Hall was added beneath. The original stucco paintings, located in the original meetinghouse, were by John Avery and painted in 1811. It is a beautiful wrap-around landscape mural of trees and scenery. This is one of Middleton’s treasures.

Middleton hosts only one church, the Middleton Gospel Chapel founded in 1954 and is non-denominational. You can view their website here http://www.middletongospelchapel.org. Middleton’s children K-6 attend Middleton Elementary School while 7-12 attend Kingswood Regional Schools in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. Middleton is a community rich in history, strong in volunteerism – a community with small town dreams and values.