The goal of the Middleton Highway Department is to provide the travelling public with a safe and efficient road system, while using the most cost-effective means possible. Through responsible fiscal management of taxpayer dollars, this goal is accomplished mainly by the diligent efforts of the Highway Department Employees, and taxpayer support.



The Highway Department Staff consists of 4 full time employees and 1 seasonal employee. The Scope of Work covered by the Highway Department includes;


Plowing, sand and/or salt treating are the main duties during the winter months. During times of excessive snowfall a considerable amount of time may be spent pushing back and “shelfing” snowbanks. During winter months it is our goal to keep the roads clear of ice and snow. On paved roads we try to maintain an average of 2’ of exposed shoulder to allow room for snow during plowing operations. On dirt roads we try to maintain enough road width to provide for safe travel.


Maintaining roadside ditches, roadside mowing, road paving and reconstruction projects, roadside pruning and tree removal, sign maintenance, culvert cleaning and replacement, street sweeping are the main duties of the highway crew. Other duties include operating the town’s gravel pit. The Town of Middleton saves a considerable amount of money each year by producing their own sand and gravel products. Also, the crew is involved with miscellaneous duties ranging from equipment maintenance and repair, building maintenance projects, grounds maintenance, to metal and electronics drop-off days, etc… There is also a Highway Dept. crew member on call at all times to cover any issues which may occur during off hours.



Rick Washburn

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